An Overview of the Elemental Princess

The Dreamtech team, a Yggdrasil Gaming studio partner, visits the Asian-themed slot machine industry, where they excel. The four princesses in Elemental Princess each have their own special ability and prize that they may use during bonus rounds or modifications. Players can anticipate win multipliers, sticky wilds, spreading wilds, and floaty wilds.

Elemental Princess features a soft aesthetic, with the background altering to reflect which princess is now in control. Cherry flowers, verdant slopes, swaying trees, and even bamboo stalks all fit this description. When all four women are in one place, they resemble an Asian take on the Art Nouveau depictions of the seasons by Alphonse Mucha. The action takes place on a wooden framework with five reels and three rows. A total of 25 fixed paylines are available to players, each of which pays out if three or more identical symbols appear in a row, beginning with the far left reel.

The game may be played from 30 p/c to $/€150 per spin on mobile, tablet, or desktop platforms, and generates statistics ranging from solid to boring. First, let’s talk about the return to player (RTP), which is above-average at 96.46 percent. The pace is maintained by a consistent stream of victories. The official return percentage is 34.21%, and the volatility is moderate. Potentially the least inspiring feature of Elemental Princess, the potential is often underwhelming. However, that is not the case.

Check out the paytable, which has 10 regular payouts and a plethora of unique symbols, before the big reveal. The 9-A royal cards are the lowest paying symbols, followed by the earth, air, fire, and water-themed high symbols. The premium values are good, especially at the higher levels, where a full house may earn you anywhere from 6 times to 40 times your initial wager.

Five different wild symbols can be used to help complete possible combinations. Although they vary in appearance, they all serve the same purpose by standing in for regular compensation. A line of 5 of these symbols pays out 80 times the wager, making them the most profitable in the game. The most common type of wild is the ordinary wild, while the other four types of wild only show up during special features.

Elements of a Princess

Moon Princess by Play’n GO comes to mind, and not only because of the title. There are four different kinds of free spins features, and each princess has her own special effect on the reels when engaged. On the other hand, it never gets quite as crazy as Play’n GO’s slot machine.

A Princess Spin modifier can be earned on any regular spin. This is a list of the four categories:

Wild symbols are transformed into Earth Princess Wilds during the Earth Princess Spin. When an Earth Princess Wild is present, every high-value symbol nearby also changes into an Earth Princess Wild.

During a Water Princess Spin, all regular wilds transform into Water Princess Wilds, and 2, 3, 5, or 10 additional Water Princess Wilds are added to the reels at random.

Wins during Fire Princess Spins are multiplied by 2, 3, 5, or 10 times, and regular wilds are transformed into Fire Princess Wilds.

All regular wilds transform into Air Princess Wilds during the Air Princess Spin, and a Floating Mega Wild (up to 3×3) floats above the reels.

The next part of the game is the Free Games feature, which may be activated in two ways. The first is the appearance of three or more scatter symbols, and the second is the activation and subsequent re-activation of the Lucky Feature. This latter technique can initiate the Free Games feature, or reactivate it if it has previously been activated, straight from the main game.

After pulling the trigger, a menu will appear from which you can pick one of four unique Princess capabilities. Starting with 10 free spins, these bonuses may be retriggered by three or more scatters or by hitting the Lucky Feature Retrigger. What to expect from the Princess depends on which functionality is activated:

In the Earth Princess’s bonus rounds, Spreading Wilds are used. Wilds transform into Earth Princess Wilds, which in turn transform any neighboring high-paying symbols into Wilds.

Held Wilds are included in the Water Princess’s free games. If a Water Princess Wild appears during the feature, it will be locked into place.

The Win Multiplier-equipped free spins featuring the Fire Princess come next. During this bonus round, each Fire Princess Wild that appears will add one to the win multiplier.

Finally, there are bonus rounds involving the Air Princess and Floating Mega Wilds. A 1×2 Floating Mega Wild appears anywhere on the reels at the start of the round. It changes locations with every free rotation. Air Princess Wilds are also gathered anytime they arise. After collecting 2, 5, or 9, the Floating Mega Wild will grow to a size of 2×2, 2×3, or 3×3 respectively.

Princess of the Elements: The Verdict

Despite its endearing charms, Elemental Princess is not a high-octane, high-stakes slot machine. Casual players may be able to keep spinning for the big bucks because of the consistent win rate, but the major problem is that the bucks really aren’t that huge. The maximum payout from the game, should the princesses perform their magic, is 1,666 times the stake, which is wonderful if it happens, but more often are payouts in the range of 100x to 500x.

Elemental Princess is not a high-paying slot machine despite offering four distinct kinds of free games and a win-multiplying bonus round. Its visuals aren’t terrible, and the four princesses may be cute enough to attract gamers interested in Asian traditions. Elemental Princess, to continue the analogy, is reminiscent of the Japanese tea ritual. Slow and methodical; precise; orderly; and harmonic. While perfect for winding down with a cup of green tea, it’s not the ideal choice for serious gamblers.

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