Overview of Slot Machine Money Cart 3

Do you recall when Money Cart 2 was out and everyone was like, “WTF is going on here?” Where did Money Cart 1 go (it arrived a little later)? Soon after, the game went live, and it was revealed that Relax Gaming has created a ‘lighter’ version of their steam roller hit Money Train 2 primarily for UK punters who are unable to use bonus buys. Now that the mystery has been lifted, veterans of the series will know exactly what to anticipate from Money Cart 3. That is, a reimagining that, although ‘lighter’ in some respects than the slot from which it sprang, is yet capable of setting its game grid ablaze.

Like its predecessor, Money Cart 3’s audio-visual presentation is similar to that of Money Train 3, with one notable exception. This time around, there is no “base game” in the traditional sense, therefore there is no opportunity to explore the future lab. Instead, everything about the game takes place in the great outdoors. When opposed to their Money Train rivals, players spend significantly more time in the re-spins area, where the crucial Special symbols may get to strut their thing alongside conventional money symbols, in the Money Cart family of slots because of its bonus round focus.

While the re-spins function is likely to activate more frequently in Money Cart 3 than in Money Train 3, this does not make the game any less challenging. Bets range from 10 pence to £/€100 every game round, and it may be played on any device. As has been customary for this series, the mathematical model is extremely unpredictable, and the game offers a potential return to player value of 96%. Strong, though obviously lower than the mind-boggling 98% of Money Cart 2. Nonetheless, it’s nothing to panic about. The standard pay symbols from the original game are absent since there is no genuine base game. The performance must go on.

Slot Functions in Money Cart 3

To win at Money Cart 3, you need to line up at least three symbols across the game board’s five reels and four rows. When triggered, you receive 3 free spins with the triggering symbols fixed in place. If new symbols appear during a respin, they, too, become fixed, and the respin counter is reset to 3. A new spin is added to the game board if a full reel is blocked by locked symbols. This method may be used to add up to two more reels. When the number of remaining respins is used up or the maximum number of victories is reached, the round finishes.

Normal Symbols are the standard money symbols in respins, and they range in value from 1 coin to 10 coins. Special Symbols include:

The Collector feature sums up all the symbols’ values that are now visible on the reels.

A collector/payer selects 3–5 symbols as targets, adds up their values, and then distributes the total among the targets.

Sniper: multiplies the value of 3–8 other symbols by 2. The same symbol may be subject to many operations.

Necromancer – Resurrects Two to Seven Temporary Special Symbols. The same symbol might be affected many times.

The Absorber eats up all of the Regular Symbols on the reels and replaces them with Wilds. There is no ingesting of Special Symbols.

Picks a random symbol at random and multiplies its value by 2-6 times (Tommy Gun Sniper).

Pays out anywhere from $5 to $100 by selecting a random symbol and firing a Tommy Gun at it, multiplying the revealed coin value by a factor of 3 to 10.

Constant Collector – accumulates all visible values on the reels, both during the current spin and all subsequent spins. It does not accrue its own worth by any means.

During this spin and the next, three to eight other symbols will have their values doubled thanks to Persistent Sniper. Multiple instances of the same symbol can be duplicated.

The Dogged Collector-Payer selects between three and five symbols to pursue. After each spin, it adds the target values to its own total and distributes the sum to the beneficiaries.

The non-permanent Special Symbols used by your opponent can be brought back to life by the Persistent Necromancer. That’s something it can do several times, even to the same symbol.

Changes form continuously, taking on a new Special Symbol with each spin. Sniper, Tommy Gun Sniper, Collector, Collector-Payer, or Tommy Gun Payer.

Slot Machine Money 3rd Cart Verdict

The fact that Money Train 3 received Bigwinboard’s first perfect score of 10 points says a lot. It had to live up to the reputation of its predecessor, Money Train 2, which had caused quite a commotion and reshaped the online gaming industry before it. In a variety of creative fields, occasionally an artist or group of artists is able to transform inspiration into success. Artists as diverse as Michelangelo, who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, as well as Da Vinci, who painted a woman whose eyes seem to follow viewers as they move around the room, and Auguste Rodin, who sculpted the contemplative The Thinker. Among slot machines, there is the Train.

The above paragraph may have been slightly exaggerated, but you get the idea. Money Train 3 seemed like a contender for slot of the year the second it appeared. It was also named 2022’s Game of the Year by the Bigwinboard Awards, which is a happy coincidence. Like its predecessors, Money Cart 3 lacks the power and strength of the slot from which it was derived. However, it does provide a new spin on the series that some players, especially those in the United Kingdom who can’t take advantage of bonus purchase, may find more appealing. Re-spins did occur at a far higher rate when the main game was removed, and the Special symbols could really be useful again.

It’s important to know that they won’t do nearly as much magic as Money Train 3 did in terms of the maximum possible victory. The maximum payout for Money Cart 3 is 100,000 coins, or 10,000 times the wager, assuming a coin value of 0.1 times the wager. It’s not a terrible haul, and given how frequently players have smashed the maximum win on Money Train slots, it’s impossible to rule out a similar outcome here if the engine gains enough speed.

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